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eStatement Enrollment Current Internet Banking Customers 

eStatement Enrollment  New Internet Banking Customers 

eStatement Q & A

At First National Bank, we are committed to providing the most advanced electronic services available.

When you enroll for eStatements through Internet Banking you will be able to receive, view, save and print your bank statements online.

Experience the convenience of eStatements by logging in to Internet Banking and enrolling today!


  • Fast - Access your eStatement faster than waiting for your paper statement to arrive by mail.
  • Convenient - eStatements are stored online for you to access at your convenience.
  • Secure - Securely login to enroll. You'll receive an eStatement Notification email each month, when your eStatement is ready to view.
  • Environmentally Friendly - eStatements can eliminate over 16 pounds of paper a year.

 How to Enroll in eStatements

Current Internet Banking Customers

  • Login to Internet Banking. Then, access eStatement enrollment by clicking on the "Settings" button.
  • Scroll to the eStatement section of the Settings screen and click "Edit".
  • Indicate the accounts you'd like to enroll; you may enroll any checking or savings account.
  • Next, confirm your email address, check the terms and conditions and click "Accept". You will receive an enrollment confirmation by email.
  • Welcome to eStatements! It's that easy!

 New Internet Banking Customers

  • If you are a not an Internet Banking customer, please complete the Internet Banking enrollment process here.
  • Once you've completed the Internet Banking enrollment process and logged in for the first time, you will be prompted to sign up for eStatements; select the accounts you want to enroll. You may enroll any checking or savings account.
  • Next, confirm your email address, check the terms and conditions and click "Accept". You will receive an enrollment confirmation by email.
  • Welcome to eStatements! It's that easy!

 eStatement Q & A

An Electronic Statement allows First National Bank Internet Banking customers the ability to view an electronic version of their statement instead of receiving a paper statement in the mail. It is a faster and more environmentally friendly alternative to receiving a traditional paper statement. By signing up for eStatements you can help protect your identity by reducing the possibility of your statement being lost or stolen in the mail.

Q. Will I continue to receive a paper statement in the mail?
A. No. By choosing e-Statements this discontinues the process of First National Bank providing you with a monthly paper statement via regular mail.

Q. Is my eStatement information safe?
A. Our customer's privacy and security is a priority at First National Bank. Your eStatement is stored on a secure server and delivered to your browser using 128-bit encryption.

Q. Is there a fee for eStatements?
A. No, eStatements are a FREE service offered to First National Bank customers.

Q. What type of accounts are eligible for eStatements?
A. Checking accounts are eligible for eStatements. If you have a combined statement ALL of your accounts on the combined statement will be available for electronic viewing on your eStatement.

Q. When will I be able to access my first e-Statement?
A. Choosing eStatements is effective immediately and you will also be able to view your last 18 months of statement history. When your new eStatement is ready to view, you will receive an email notification.

Q. Can I have my eStatement notification sent to more than one email address?
A. At this time your eStatement notification can only be sent to ONE email address.

Q. What if I change my email address?
A. You can update your email address by logging into Internet Banking, select "Settings" then select "Edit" under the email section, and update your email address. Or, contact a First National Bank representative for assistance.

Q. Who should I contact if I don't receive my eStatement notification or if I have forgotten my Access ID?
A. Please call any member of our First National Bank Team Monday-Friday at 877.782.2195.

Q. Who should I contact if I have forgotten my password?
A. By clicking on the "Forgot Password" button on the log in page, your password will be delivered to your email address within minutes.

Q. How long will I have access to my eStatements?
A. Your eStatements will be available for viewing for 18 months. You may also print or save your eStatements on your computer so that they will be available for viewing for a longer period of time.

Q. What if I would like to resume receiving paper statements?
A. Contact First National Bank at 877.782.2195 to request cancellation of your eStatement participation and future paper statements will be mailed to you.

Q. Why don't I see the eStatement enrollment option?
A. Only the primary owner on the account will have the option to enroll in eStatements.