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Merchant Capture

Convenient, Secure & Time-Saving

Merchant capture utilizes a desktop scanner that connects to your pc and the internet. With it, you can scan checks received from customers and issue deposits electronically to First National Bank. Anytime day or night. Merchant Capture is the quickest way to turn check deposits into cash.

  • Faster funds availability
  • Make deposits anytime
  • Save time preparing deposits
  • Consolidate funds from remote locations into one bank
  • Cut costly courier fees or trips to the bank
  • Reduce risk of check fraud
  • Extended cut off deposit time


Web Capture Login

RDC Drivers

ACH (Automated Clearing House)

Not only is this system great for payables but you can use it to collect your receivables as well.

  • Collect monthly dues, contributions or fees from your business partners or customers.


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