Debit Card FAQs

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PIN Issuance

Debit/ATM Card Personal Identification Numbers (PINs) are automatically generated at time of card issuance. If you have forgotten your PIN, please contact one of our locations for more information. Upon contacting us, you will have the options of having the same PIN reissued or choosing a 4 digit PIN of your choice.

Activate Debit Card

To activate your debit card, either use your card at an ATM with your PIN or call 866.590.4793 (option 2).  Your card will immediately activate.

Debit Card Replacement

If your card is damaged, contact us at one of our locations to request a replacement card.

Replacement Card Fees

Replacement card fees will be assessed if the replacement is a result of damage to the card. 
ATM/Debit/HSA fees are $10.00 per card and Photo Debit Card fee is $15.00 per card.

PIN vs. Signature Based Transactions

When completing a face-to-face transaction, the authorization method will either be through your signature or Personal Identification Number (PIN).  Not all merchants accept PIN based authorization, but any merchant that accepts Visa Debit can accept a signature based transaction. 

No Transaction Fees for Card Use

First National Bank does not charge per debit card transaction.  All it costs to get a debit card is $1.

Debit Card vs. Credit Card

Debit card funding is directly linked to the money in your checking account.  Credit card funding is linked to a pre-approved line of credit.

Debit Card Foreign Transaction Fee

All foreign debit card transactions are assessed a 2% foreign transaction fee.  The actual transaction will post for the authorized amount and an additional transaction will post for the 2% Foreign transaction fee.

Card Expiring?

Your debit card will automatically reissue one month prior to the expiration month.  Your card will continue to work throughout the expiration month.  Look to receive your new card in the mail around the 2nd week of the month prior to expiration.

Pay-at-the-Pump Transactions

Pay at the Pump transaction authorizations will difer based on whether you select to run the card as a debit or credit.  Initial authorizations for credit will be less than a debit authorization.  In the end, the actual amount that you received in fuel is what will post to your account.  However, if limited funds are available on your card and you run the transaction as a debit, there is a chance your transaction could be denied.  Example:  Balance in checking account attached in debit card is $50.00.  The gas stations authorizes your gas purchase automatically through the pay at the pump for $75.00.  Your intent is to purchase $20.00 in fuel.  This transaction would be denied at the pay at the pump but the transaction could still be completed by paying inside of the gas station for fuel.

No Signature Required

Based on the type of merchant you shop at, some are not required to get a signature or PIN for transactions $25 or less.  You are still protected from unauthorized purchases with these transactions.

Card Security Protection

Visa Debit card's security protection help prevent, detect and resolve fraud in the following ways:

  • Visa's Zero Liability Policy which protects you from unauthorized charges.
  • Fraud Monitoring helps to detect suspicious activity on your card.
  • Identity Theft Assistance helps you recover your identity and prevent further problems.
  • 3-Digit Security Code to verify your identity for Internet and phone purchases.