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GPR Direct Deposit

Our Anytime Access General Purpose Reloadable (GPR) card provides you the capability of direct deposit.  You can also directly deposit money onto your card using our CheckFree® RXP® billpay A2A transfer option, available for free.  To set up a direct deposit onto your card using CheckFree® RXP®, simply follow the following steps:

  1. Login to  Within the Add/Move funds sections, click on Direct Deposit.  Locate the button on the right for your direct deposit form.  Within this form is your routing # and checking account # for your card.  Print this form or write down your account information.
  2. Login to your internet banking account at Click on Pay Bills to view your CheckFree® RXP® billpay.  If you are not currently enrolled in billpay, click here for more information.
  3. Within billpay, click on the My Accounts tab and then Other Accounts.  Locate the link to Add an account you own at another institution.  Complete this information with your GPR account information you had printed or written down earlier from  After entering all information, click on Add Account.
  4. To verify your ownership of the account, you will receive 2 small test deposits and 1 off-setting withdrawal within your GPR account.  You will receive an email indicating that these test deposit transactions have taken place.  Login to to locate the 2 test deposit amounts.  Write these amounts down as you will need them to verify your account.
  5. Login to your billpay account at and within the same My Account - Other Accounts tab you will enter the amounts of the two test deposits to authenticate the account.
  6. Your account is now set up to transfer money into.  This can be done through billpay by going to the Transfer Money tab and completing the Make a Transfer section.

Please contact us if you have any questions with this transfer process.  We also have our video tutorial available that provides you a visual of the process of adding an account, click here to view the video.

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