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Checking Rates

Rates effective as of January 5, 2017
Member FDIC | Rates Subject to Change | Contact us at 877.782.2195 for additional information

Account Type Minimum Deposit
to Open
Minimum Balance to Obtain
Annual Percentage Yield
Annual Percentage Yield Interest Rate
 Compass Plus  500  500 .10% .10%
 500  2,500 .10% .10%
Compass Silver 500 500 .10% .10%
500 2,500 .10% .10%

EMV / Chip Cards

A New Level of Security for your
First National Bank Debit Card.

EMV / Chip Cards

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Ready, Set, Shop Rewards with your FNB Debit Card

The more you use your card, the more chances you have to win!

Shazam debit cards offers rewards with grand prize

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