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Internet Banking Spending Reports

At a quick glance, you can view where you money goes each month with your Spending Report.   With this, managing your money just became a little easier.

  • About the Spending Report.  Click on a specific category such as 'Recreation' to view a detailed list of transactions that make up that category for the specified timeframe.
  • View the Spending Report. When you first login to internet banking, you'll see the Spending Report towards the bottom right of your internet banking page. It will show you transactions from the account you specify along with the date range chosen.
  • Change Categories.  Our system will automatically assign a category based on the type of business the transaction is associated with.  However, you may want to assign it differently or our system may not recognize the company and leave the category unassigned.  To change your categorization of a transaction, complete the following steps:
    • Go to List of Accounts towards the top of the page
    • Choose the account associated with the transaction
    • Select Transactions and All Transactions
    • Locate the item in the list and click the edit icon
    • Select a new category from the drop down list
    • Click Save and your transaction is now recategorized

Any transactions prior to 09.11.2013 will need to be manually categorized.  All transactions on and after 9.11.2013 will be automatically categorized

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