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Photo of Shazam Bolts product

24/7 protection with Shazam Bolt$!

At First National Bank, we care about your financial privacy and security. That said, we want to introduce you to the free Shazam Bolt$ mobile app, which gives you (the cardholder) comprehensive protection and control over your account.

How so?

With Bolt$, you will be alerted via email on your smartphone, tablet or desktop about any suspicious high-risk transactions or card-not-present transactions. This app gives you 24/7 protection.

Also with this app, in seconds, you can freeze your First National Bank account when your debit card is misplaced or stolen. Then, you can unfreeze the account upon recovery of the card. This app allows you to skip that call to a banker and act fast against fraudulent charges.

But, that's not all the app can do. You can also locate surcharge-free ATMs with its GPS technology and access account balances from your smartphone, tablet or desktop computer.

The free Shazam Bolt$ app is easy to download.

  1. Click here to Sign up Now and select New Mobile Card User.
  2. Or, visit your iPhone or Google Play app store and download the SHAZAM BOLT$ app to sign up today.
  3. If you would like additional assistance you can ask a First National Bank representative how to download SHAZAM BOLT$ today.
  4. Once downloaded, accept Shazam Bolt$ product terms and conditions, then proceed with the card verification process and setup a username/password.
  5. To freeze an account, click on card actions, transaction control and then use the slider icon to temporarily block that card.

To report debit card fraud:

Contact a First National Bank representative from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday at 877.782.2195. During after hours, please contact SHAZAM at -1.800.383.8000. We also recommend saving these numbers in your phone.

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