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Congratulations Creston High School East Students

posted on Friday, February 22, 2013 in Community

First National Bank and ISSB presented the opportunity for students at Creston High School in the East Program to participate in the ABA Education Foundation's Lights, Camera, Save! video contest.  The competition encourages young people to use video to communicate the value of saving and inspire others to become lifelong savers.

Bryce McIlravy submitted an entry for a group of students and the video was chosen as the local winning entry and then submitted to the ABA national contest and the Iowa Banker’s Association’s state contest. The video was awarded second -place on February 1st with a prize of $500 by the IBA in the state contest. The video titled "Broke" can be seen at the Iowa Banker’s You Tube channel.

Lights, Camera, Save! is a part of the Teach Children to Save campaign, a national movement of volunteer bankers who guide young people towards lifelong savings habits. Since 1997, the campaign has reached some 5 million young people with the help of more than 100,000 banker volunteers. Lights, Camera, Save! allows teens to role play and record their thoughts about saving and using money wisely. It’s a way to get kids thinking about money management and its relevance to their lives and future. First National Bank in Creston and Iowa State Savings Bank both participated in 2012 to educate students within the area schools.

Watch the top Lights, Camera, Save! videos on You Tube by clicking on

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